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Our First and Second Snow - 2002



Our First Snow - 1/22/02

1. The littlest Snow Man welcomes you. 2. Our very own Gnome with the Littlest Snowman


1. The Meditation Garden. 2. A snowy Buddha and his children.


1. The Three Seahorse Fountain. 2. An overview to the front deck.


1. The front deck. 2. The afternoon sun hits the deck.


The trees were covered. They reminded me somewhat of Haight Street in San Francisco.


1. First snow. Even the Shakin' Shack looked great. 2. Second snow made it look even better!

Our Second Snow - 1/27-28/02

 Neigbors report this to be the largest snow fall since 1976 when they moved here. Over 6 1/5", when I got around to measuring it. We've had hail since, but not snow as of 4/21/09.

Early morning sun breaks through snow clouds on ridge a couple of miles west north west.

Downed Tree

Our first major tree happening. The weight of our second snow (6 1/2 inches) was too much for this tree at the entrance gate to the property. It had five major trunks coming from its base, two of which you can still see at the right of the second picture.

1. One major trunk has already been dropped. 2. Papa cutting his share.

1. Welcome to the original Seahorse Ranch. 2. 96118. 3. The path.


The back hill

1. More back hill - the rose bush 100 feet up. 2. White on White

1. Looking north over hot tub area. 2. Our front yard.


1. Snowy entrance 2. Front entrance.

1. Snow garden. 2. Garden snow.

1. Garden looking South. 2. Seahorse fountain up close. 3. Deck looking south


It's definitely Hot Tub Weather.

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