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The Shakin' Shack - It's Gone

This was the Shakin' Shack up until May 8, 2005 when it was dropped to the ground. We put the Browsers' Bookmobile on the cement pad and use it as an annex library for the extra books I can't fit into The Men's Study. It was all set up with a great view of the ocean. Additional plans include a nice swing set, a large tramoline, and a green house to grow extra vegetables.



Before: November 2001: "The Shakin' Shack" (18x36) down below. Needed a lot of work! You might be able to tell that the right front part of the roof has been lifted up by the wind. That's corregated steel that the wind decided should have a new curl to it. I'm told that winds have reached over 120 mph in years past.They got to 80+ mph in November, 2001.

1. Outside the Shakin' Shack, 11/01. 2. Inside the Shakin' Shack.


1. The resident Himit doing Fall Housecleaning. 2. One load at a time.


Different views of 14 cubic feet of debri removed from the Himitage.


Even the Shakin' Shack looked great with a coat of new fallen snow - 1/22/02.

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