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Attractions South Bound on Hwy 101


Newport. A guest recommended Local; Ocean Seafoods in Newport at 213 SE Bay Blvd. on the water.. Opens at 11:30a. 541-574-7959 Tricky to get to but I tried it for lunch and the Shrimp Costini Salad was great. They are famous for a great variety of local oysters.

North Bend. Ciccarelli's Restaurant, 2076 Sherman Ave. On West side at end of 25 mph speed zone before Hwy 101 takes a sharp left turn towards the Mill Casino. Tuesday-Saturday 8a-9p Italian. Brick over pizza. I thought I had a great cioppino there but I don't see it on the menu anymore.

Bandon I also still enjoy the West Coast Game Park Safari just south of Bandon. You get to roam with the goats, deer and lamas and hold a cub bear or lion in your lap and feed them, pet a silver skunk, ferret and other wild creatures. Also has a small zoo.

Port Orford - Best restaurant in Curry County, in my opinion, is Red Fish. It's on the south end of town. Turn into the Visitor's Center view point and it's on the north end of the parking lot. The owner also owns the art gallery next door, which is also a great find.

Gold Beach: Indian Creek Cafe Take road East at the South end of the Chetco Bridge. Go 6/10 of a mile to 94682 Jerrys Flat Rd. Where locals have breakfast & brunch.

Anna's - by the Sea - a block east of Ellensberg Rd (Hwy101) at 29672 Stewart St. Dinner 5-8 Wednesday through Saturday. Small claims genuine, retro, nouvelle Canadian Prairie cuisine.A great wine list (over two hundred wines) and they specialize in 12 distilled fruit brandies, popsibly the best selection you will find anywhere.

Gold Beach: Wild Oaks Grill at 29545 Ellensburd Ave. reat BBQ

Gold Beach - La Casita De Oro Mexican Food, 29471 Ellensburg Rd. Small family restaurant on the east side of Hwy 101 where the whole family works.

If you hike, there are three spots closer to Brookings.

1. The Landmarks between Arch Rock and Natural Bridges Four miles. Strenuous. 12 miles north of Brooking turn Right at Arch Rock Viewpoint. Do the Arch Rock loop, then join the Coast Trail at the south end of the parking lot

2. Indian Sands - A high-altitude playland of dunes and sea cliffs. Warning: Cliff edges might collapse but it is an sand dunes 60+ feet above sea level. How did it get there? Strenuous but short hike back to the car. Close to the Landmarks. Lock your car. Follow Coast Trail into the woods then veer right.

3. Whale's Head Beach shortly after Indian Sands

Cape Ferrelo Rd is a left turn from the center lane shortly after Whale's Head beach.

For restaurant recommendations in Brookings, click here. FYI: Most of them close by 9pm. BTW: They don't know I'm recommending them. They are ones that I like.

See you when you get here. 



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