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Clothing Optional in Oregon


It’s Time to Learn Some Nude Beach Etiquette!
20 Fun Places to Get Naked and Chill in Oregon

It’s Time to Learn Some Nude Beach Etiquette!

Each year around late April, when the sun finally decides to grace us with her presence, it’s time for every Portlander with a pulse to make the 40-minute trek up Highway 30 to Sauvie Island. Sauvie Island has lots of attractions, like beach-going, berry-picking, nurseries, fishing, boating, kayaking, and the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area, which boasts “11,543 acres of state-owned wildlife habitat.” Oh, and there’s also a massive clothing-optional part of the island called Collins Beach! It’s superior to the island’s other beaches for myriad reasons, and everyone (who isn’t a creep) should go there and check it out. Here are a few tips on how to not be a jerk and/or creep on that beach.

DON’T sell Jell-O shots! From now through September 30, alcohol is banned at Sauvie Island beaches and wildlife areas. The rule is to lower the number of DUIs, drownings, and other dangers, which sounds like a buzzkill until you realize that last year, police arrested 17 people who were suspected of driving under the influence from Sauvie Island. Sure, people will always find discreet ways to drink, but maybe putting a restriction on open containers will limit the amount of assholes being extra on the beach and they’ll go back to partying at Splash Bar instead.

DON’T blast bad or inappropriate music from the ridiculously loud sound system in your boat. Or really, don’t blast music at all? A little music for your immediate area is fine, but don’t be a jerk. Lil Jon and the East Side Boys is not the vibe the entirety of Collins Beach would like. We came here for peace and quiet, not skeet skeet skeet, motherfuckers!

DON’T attempt to approach women who are liberated by the clothing-optional beach. Ever. Collins Beach is not the place to pick up women or make friends with bathing beauties, and women are not here to seek attention. We came here for some semblance of a sunny vacation and to enjoy the company of the people we came with, not to make friends with randoms.

I once watched a man—who was wearing a shirt but no pants—approach a woman sunbathing nude by herself. I continued watching as he stood way too close to her, towered over her, casually dangling his penis at eye level while trying (for too long) to strike up a conversation. Though she seemed to be handling herself just fine, the woman didn’t have any friends around, so me and mine had no choice but to make sure nothing weirder happened. STOP RUINING EVERYONE’S GOOD TIME BY MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, CREEP.

MAYBE DON’T bring your prepubescent teen daughters and 10-year-old boys to this part of the beach? This is more of a suggestion, as you can clearly do whatever the hell you want with your kids. And while I think it’s super cool that you’re teaching your offspring that nudity is natural and not a big deal, it’s kind of uncomfortable (and counter-intuitive) for some people (me) to expose their bare-naked titties and snatch when minors are running around. There’s a family-friendly beach down the road for a reason. Please use it!


DO refrain from Snapchatting/taking too many photos/holding your phone in a way that could make someone uncomfortable. Obviously everyone wants to take a pic of the beach for the ’gram; just make sure you’re not exposing anyone in the background or holding your phone up too much. No one wants to be put on blast, and it’ll make people nervous if they see you snapping every single thing. Just be aware and respectful of the other bodies around you, and give people their space. Which reminds me....

DO be mindful of how you’re situated among others—this includes parking, since there’s a good chance you’ll get a ticket if you block someone in. And it also includes you; please be aware of how close you lay your blanket to other beach goers! If you’re a single 50-something man enjoying the sun in the buff, maybe don’t come lay your blanket right behind me. I don’t need your junk in my immediate line of sight.

DO be careful letting your dog off leash—it’s technically against the rules to let your pup run free, though I’d be lying if I said I haven’t done it. There are some risks that come with letting your dog off leash, like having your dog get hurt by someone else’s or, as was the case in a Sauvie Island cautionary tale from April, you could risk pissing off a naked beachgoer, being held down, and repeatedly punched! That aside, it’s not nice when some random person’s pet nudges your genitals, or comes barreling over to your picnic blanket, dragging sand all over your summer spread. If you know your dog doesn’t always listen to you or mind its own business in public, don’t allow him/her/hir to disrupt other people who are minding their own business.

DO bring your own trash/recycling bag, and DO pick up your dog’s pile of hot, steaming shit and take it with you. (This also goes for everyone who lives or frequents the blocks surrounding North Mississippi.) It sucks that there are barely any trash cans or doggy clean-up areas at the island’s beaches, but you gotta do something with that shit. Some people have taken to leaving piles of bagged doggy doo next to the outhouses (again, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never done it). If you don’t want to bring a poop bag all the way home with you, maybe throw a small shovel in the car so you can bury the stuff in the woods? I don’t care what you do with it, just don’t leave it sitting there.

DO be respectful of the man who lives in the river. You’ll know him when you see him.

20 Fun Places to Get Naked and Chill in Oregon

With summer here there’s no better time to strip naked and burn your junk. Just kidding, don’t do that. If you’re in Oregon, and you just love being in your birthday suit in public, well you’re in the right spot.

Organized in the early 20th century, the first nudists were a group of locals who were inspired by the 1933 movie Elysia (Valley of the Nude). These naked pioneers came together to create Oregon’s first nudist resort, “The Hesperian Society.”

Since then Oregon laws have always been pretty lenient on nudity, and for anyone who wants to get naked and chill in Oregon, just take your pick! We have included a few popular places in Oregon ranging from many resorts, clubs, and hot springs to soak.


20. Club Privata

Club Privata in Portland will offer club goers a place to dance, imbibe, and explore their intimate desires. Adorned in black, burgundy and gold, the venue surpasses the traditional concepts of Portland nightlife and the other area lifestyle clubs, providing a lavish outlet for V.I.P. guests, members, exceptional DJs, and the curious, to play. Head over to their website to learn about their membership and fees. 824 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204 Get Directions / (503) 954-2701

19. The Skinny-Dip

Every year, organized by The American Association for Nude Recreation is a huge nude swimming event where people from all across the country come together. Check out their website to find which clubs and resorts in Oregon will participate.

18. Hidden Springs Nudist Club

Hidden Springs was established in 1969 and is Oregon’s oldest non-landed nudist club. They accept members of all ages for their family-friendly activities. Join member potlucks, or join the group for different special events held at local nude resorts. www.hiddenspringsnudist.org / 503-841-1995

17. Sun Rovers

This non-landed nudist group based in Portland stretches to Tacoma, Washington and as far as Eugene to hold clothing-optional events. They meet monthly at members’ homes, local resorts and other venues around the region.Their goal is to support other nudist organizations and to provide outside activities that are of interest to our membership. Check out their website at sunrovers.org to learn more.

16. Rogue Suncatchers

If you’re in the southern Oregon area, this family-friendly group meets monthly for social get-togethers and they occasionally make rude trips to the nude resorts. theroguesuncatchers.com / 541-833-8711

15. World Naked Bike Ride

This naked bike ride is famous in cities every year all around the world, and one of the biggest events happens right here in Portland with over 10,000 people coming to cycle in the nude. Hit the link here for more info on the 2017 World Naked Bike Ride.

Hot Springs

14. Breitenbush Hot Springs

Breitenbush Hot Springs, located in Central Oregon is a fun and relaxing place to visit. Just northeast of Detroit you can book a room at the retreat, or just soak for the day on their 154-acre property. Here is a video (10:57) of a guy who gives a nice little tour of this clothing-optional place.

13. Umpqua Hot Springs

Located about one hour from the I-5 corridor, deep within the Umpqua Nation Forest you’ll find a local favorite, the Umpqua Hot Springs. Umpqua features 3 hot pools locatged on a mineral deposit situated above the North Umpqua River.

From Roseburg: Travel east along Highway 138 then turn north onto Road 34, AKA the west entrance to Toketee Ranger Station. At the bottom of the hill turn left across the two concrete bridges. Proceed 2.2 miles and turn right onto Forest Road 3401. Proceed another 0.7 miles to a parking area on the left.

Cross the foot bridge over the North Umpqua River to the trail. Turn right, proceed 0.1 miles to a junction. Turn to the right and start to climb a steep trail for 0.2 miles. At the next fork turn right and climb a narrow trail for 0.2 miles. At the final fork, take the path leading uphill and to the left. Look for the shelter.

12. Bagby Hot Springs

Another place well known for soaking in the nude is Bagby Hot Springs. Word has it management here has tightened the rules up a bit and banning nudity completely from the public pools. While it may not be OK in their public pools, nudity is just fine in their private tubs. If going to Bagby Hot Springs during the winter months, be prepared for winter weather conditions as the roads are not maintained for winter travel. Please refer to the BAGBY DISCUSSION page for the latest road conditions.

11. Cougar Hot Springs

One of my personal favorite places to go is Cougar, which is near McKenzie Bridge in Oregon. Cougar AKA Terwilliger Hot Springs has 5 stair stepped pools fed by a small cave in a wooden ravine. Although I’ve never been here during the day and we never soak clothed. And just a heads up, last I heard you aren’t supposed to be here at night. You can purchase a season pass for $60/year or pay the $6/day fee.

Travel east 4 miles on Highway 126 from Blue River and then take Forest Road 19 AKA Aufderheide Drive 5 miles to the signed Terwilliger Hot Springs parking area. Hike 1/4 mile west on Rider Creek Trail #3319 to Terwilliger Hot Springs.

10. McCredie Hot Springs

The McCredie Hot Springs is just east of Oakridge, off OR-58 in the depths of the Willamette National Forest, and is a popular spot for those who enjoy soaking nude in several pools. You’ll find McCredie near milepost 45 and Blue Pool Campground, with 130-degree water coming out of a concrete cap block and runs through several pools of lessening water temperature.

9. Deer Creek Hot Springs

Deer Creek is actually one of the smallest hot springs in Oregon, and can actually be seen from the road. Just a little heads up for anyone who’s planning to get nude here! Deer Creek is only one pool, which is alongside the McKenzie River off OR-126.

Nude Beaches

Portland has two officially designated clothing-optional beaches, which you will find just a short drive from downtown. Keep in mind there are also family-friendly picnic areas, and some people may have a problem seeing your hotdog while eating a hotdog.

8. Rooster Rock State Park

Just past Troutdale heading east on I-814 (I think they mean Hwy 84) you will find Rooster State Park. The easternmost side is where you will find popular nude beaches, but keep in mind the rest of the island is not nude friendly, so put on your clothes as you are getting back to your vehicle. $5 day use fee per vehicle

7. Sauvie Island — Collins Beach

On the northeast side of Sauvie Island, you will find this one-mile nude beach. It’s also connected to the North Unit Beach, which is definitely not reserved for nudity. Check out their website at sauvieisland.org to learn more. $7 day use fee per vehicle


6. Mountaindale Sun Resort

This 66-year-old resort was formerly known as the Restful Haven Club, and is 30 miles northwest of Portland. This resort offeres a playground, clubhouse with indoor table games, a full kitchen, pickleball court, spa, swimming pool and more. www.mountaindalesun.com / 503-647-2449

5. Alpenglow Ranch B&B

Alpenglow offers a clothing optional bed and breakfast on 51 private acres 10 minutes from downtown Bend, Oregon. This resort features a gorgeous infinity edge pool, a hot tub, and even a 70 foot open flume water slide. While the slide is for seasonal use only, the hot tub of course is available all year. This resort offers 10 snow capped Cascadse Moutnain peaks right from your Retreat. For anyone who loves to hike, there are plenty of private hiking trails and viewpoints for your naked enjoyment. www.alpenglowranch.net / 866-268-8852

4. The Willamettans

Formerly known as the Everygreen Lodge, you will find the Willamettans in the Eugene area. This club is said to be the largest nudist club in the Pacific Northwest, with over 350 members currently. This resort offers courts for all sports, a clubhouse, RV/tent camping and more. 37000 Parsons Creek Rd

From Interstate 5 going North, take Exit 194A (Springfield) and proceed 4 miles to 42nd street exit, turn left (North) on 42nd and proceed ½ mile to intersection with Marcola Rd. Turn right and go 9.2 miles to Parsons Creek Rd (just prior to entering Marcola). Turn left and go 2.2 miles. Mail box on right marked with 37000 & AANR. Turn left on gravel road, ¼ mile to Willamettans gate.

From Interstate 5 going South, take Exit 216, turn left (East towards Brownsville, HWY 228) and proceed 11.3 miles (just past Crawfordsville) and turn right (South) on Brush Creek Rd. Proceed 16.6 miles (name changes to Marcola Rd.) through Marcola to Parsons Creek Rd. Turn right and proceed 2.2 miles. Mail box on right marked with 37000 & AANR. Turn left on gravel road, ¼ mile to Willamettans gate.

Note: Large RV’s traveling South on Interstate 5 may want to avoid mountain roads by proceeding south to the Springfield exit 194. This adds an additional 9 miles. www.willamettans.com / 541-933-2809

Bathhouses and Spas

3. Common Ground ­Wellness Cooperative

You will find this clothing-optional bathhouse and spa in northeast Portland. Common Ground offers something for everyone, with nights specifically set for women, men, trans and silent. Massage therapy, naturopathy, and acupuncture are just a few things you can enjoy in the nude here. www.cgwc.org / 503-238-1065

2. Löyly

Relaxation in a beautiful, clean and communal setting, inspired by the saunas of Scandinavia.

Enjoy communal clothing optional saunas on gender-specific nights, although swimsuits are required during co-ed hours. You’ll find Löyly on Southeaster Portland, and also in Northeaster Portland of NE MLK Blvd. They include steam rooms, therapeutic massage and holistic skincare services. www.loyly.net / 503-236-6850 (SE), 503-914-4303 (NE)

1. Everett House Healing Center

This spa in Portland offers communal saunas which are clothing optional on gender-specific nights, while swimsuits are required during co-ed hours. Enjoy a 12-person saltwater tub, lounge chairs, fire pit, a small sauna and a steam room. www.everetthousehealingcenter.com / 503-232-6161

If you’re looking to check out more hot springs in Oregon, be sure to head over to soakoregon.com which offers pretty much every hot springs in Oregon available. Keep in mind not all of these pools are considered clothing optional.
Source: thatoregonlife.com/2016/07/20-places-get-naked-chill-oregon/




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