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Splendid Solitude - A Private Advance


The Wildwood Himitage offers you an opportunity for spiritual renewal and a haven from the whirling world. You have the option to come visit us for one or several days, on your own or with a friend, in what we call a "Personal Advance" (versus "retreat".) We recognize that sometimes the teacher within is all that is needed. Combined with our Digital Detox, this takes the "Personal Advance" to a whole new level. Give yourself time to see beyond your busyness and to plumb your inner depths.

Unplug for a fresh perspective or quiet withdrawal, to study, write or rest, come for a visit. The wild forest with rustic hiking trails, deep mountain peace and the ocean breeze are teachers of unequaled grace and wisdom. You may peruse The Study/Meditation Spot or relax in the spa, look out at the ocean, and catch up on your rest amidst nature’s spectacular beauty. Enjoy giving your partner a massage in our Hokey Pokey Clinic where you can turn yourself around. Limited selection of massage oil provided.

Guests are invited to spend some time, perhaps an hour a day, pruning, trail clearing and gardening in the belief that this is of benefit to all. However, this is a voluntary effort and should only be undertaken if it enhances one's stay.

Setting your own pace and schedule, with or without human contact (see our famous Ostrich Package), Wildwood Himitage is a rare treat in these hectic times. Celebrate, re-create, deepen your practices or take a chance on something new during your own Personal Advance. This is a most unique spot on the southern Oregon coast.

The Brookings-Harbor area is located in the middle of America’s Wild Rivers Coast, in the southwestern corner of Oregon. We are bordered on the south by California’s Del Norte County, on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Siskiyou National Forest, which includes the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area, and on the north by the Cape Sebastian headland. We are the southern gateway to the fabled, beautiful and world-famous Oregon Coast. Our Curry County Coastline is generally acknowledged as the most pristine, ruggedly spectacular, picturesque and accessible coastline on all of the West Coast. The Brookings, Oregon area has many wonderful natural attractions as well. Click here.

As a result of its mild climate, natural beauty and relaxed pace of life, the Wildwood Himitage is an excellent spot for that relaxing retreat.



Contact Information

Snail Mail: P.O. Box 12, Brookings, OR 97415-0001