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Gordon Clay, Founder of The Wildwood Himitage

1973: 10.31.73 Divorced

1976: Entered California 9/15/75 to work for N.W. Ayer Pritikin & Gibbons. Began doing grassroots men's work around single fathering issues. Started The Fathers' Network as a referral for fathers who want to work with the issues, problems and joys of parenting. (1976-2013)

1981 - Started presenting workshops on: single parenting, anger, homophobia, relationships, starting a men's group, men & friendship, men & war, myths about women-myths about men, expectations, intimacy, big boys don't cry, etc. California Anti-Sexist Men's Political (CAMP) Caucus. Co-Editor-Making Waves, and Direct Action Task Groups. California Men's Gathering Inc. (1981-1994), Board member 1994-93, President 1993, Co-planner of the 8th, 15th and 25th

1982 - Created The National Men's Resource Center, a reference of men's organizations, research, books, publications, cultural programs and films on men's issues with the goal to end men's isolation. Co-creator of the Road Show, a program designed to present issue-oriented workshops in local communities. North Bay Ad Club - Founding President

1983 - Co-planner - 2nd "Women & Men Together" gathering in Santa Cruz, CA

1984 - Developed Tantrum Yoga®, a movement and breath work system for the safe and healthy expression of anger and rage in a non-hitting, nonviolent way. "What Do Men Really Want" conference. Associate speaker 1985. Member National Organization for Men Against Sexism. Council member 1986-88. Council Co-Chair 1987-1989. San Francisco Advertising Club Board

1985:Published the first quarterly issue of Menstuff®, The National Men's Resource and continued as publisher until it became a website in May 22, 1996. Also created a workshop for women only and men only titled Healing the Father Wound®

1986: Created the first Rites-of-Passage for Fathers & Teenage Daughters with his daughter, Natalie. He has also presented numerous workshops on Men & Anger, Single Parenting, Fathers, and Couples workshops. I created Wacky Window Wobbles to politicize car windows. everything seemed to point in another directoin than the one I was going in. What was strange was there were no sign post telling me where I was going or what or who I was to become and what or who I was becoming.

1987: 1/1/87 Started MAS Medium & Company

1988 - Developed "Strengthening the Bonds", a process to build pride and self-esteem vs. hazing in fraternity pledge programs

1990 - Created and produced the "Clear Energy" ritual audio tape with the late Frank "Suru" Ekeh & Jim Berenholtz and "Issues", a unique intuition tape

1994 -Was a cast member in the films The Color of Fear and the remake Walking Each Other Home (1997) and Color of Fear - 3 (2005)

1999-1994: 8/94 - purchased an RV and converted it into the Browser's Bookmobile, a mobile library of over 1,000 books on 60 men's issues that traveled to rural communities too small to support their own library or bookstore. He has traveled over 30,000 miles through 24 states. On sabbatical since 12/31/99.

2013-1982 - Created The National Men's Resource Center, a not-for-profit educational resource (68.0337499) of men's organizations, events, research, books, publications, culture programs, films and more to end men's isolation. He serves as Executive Director and Curator/Driver of the Browser's Bookmobile and manages www.menstuff.org which may be the largest men's issues web site in the world with 800 megabytes of information in April, 2008 and around 100,000 hits a day.and it's still growing. He also managers several smaller web sites including www.ClearingTheAir.net, www.pcaw.org (prostate cancer awareness week), www.tcaw.org (testicular cancer awareness week), www.WomenInRacing.org, www.menatrisk.org and www.mencare.org.

2011-1984 - Developed retreats: Healing the Father Wound® for Women Only and Men Only, Father & Teen-age Daughter Rite-Of-Passage, The Male Experience for Fathers & Teen-age Sons, Women & Men: Being Our True Selves Together, Women & Men: Clearing the Air, Men Dealing with Our Anger, and Healing the Mother Wound® for Women Only and Men Only

2013-1985 - Created Menstuff®, The National Men's Resource to end men's isolation. Converted to a website (www.menstuff.org) in 1996, it lists thousands of on-site men's book reviews & covers, men's resources and hyperlinks and hundreds of men's events, periodicals and groups committed to a positive change in male roles and relationships.

2013-1991 - Everyman - Helps men bring other men in their community together for a day of information and process with the goal of building or strengthening the local men's community.

2013-2001 - Created the Wildwood Himitage (vs. Hermitage), North of Brookings, OR (www.wildwoodhimitage.com)

Other: He has been the male panelist in "GenderSpeak" a communications program produced by Harper's Bazaar, presented for three years at the Chico State University's "Men in the 90's" weeks, at Senator Maddy's Annual Women's Conference, the International Men's Conference n Austin, X, Health & Wellness Fair, North Bend, OR 10/23/02 and was a co-presenter with John James on several conferences in Oakland, and Walnut Creek CA on Men in Recovery. Also, the Sacramento Conference on Self Esteem, Willits Men's Gathering, Sacramento Govenors Confrerence on Fathers, Headstart Conference, Sacramento, Burning Man 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (DJ 1999 through 2006)

Workshops as a participant

1981 Fathering: It Ain't What it Used to Be; Reevaluation Counciling - Blumenthal*; 4th California Men's Gathering

1982 6th Conference on Men & Masculinity;11/19-21/82 Quiche 2

1983 California Anti-Sexist Men's Political (CAMP) Caucus; 5/3/83 Petaluma Mens Night Out; 6/11-12/83 Quich Raft Trip (24); 11/26/83 Extended Family - Asara; How to Deal with an Angry Woman - George Simons.

1984 3/2-4/84 Who Are You, Oriental Massage training - Graduate 12.39.84; Spring, 1984 Magic of the Elements; 5/11-13/84 Sex, Love & Intimacy Level I; 7/24-29/84 Love & Intimacy Level 3; 9/14-16/84 Love & Intimacy Level 2; 10/12-14/84 Love & Intimacy Level 4; 10/84 Who Are You;

1985 Continued massage training; 2/2-3/85 Open Life; 6/85 Mendocino Men's Gathering; 8/9-11/85 Love & Intimacy Level 4;

1986:1/26/86 2nd Level Massage graduation; Gay Luce's year-long Nine Gates Mystery School; 1986 Men of Marin;1/18 or 5/10/86 Re-Sourcing - Carolyn Anderson/Jeff Daly; 5/86 Mendocino Bly; 5/30-6/1/86 Love & Intimacy Level 4; 6/6-8/86 Man & His Spirit - Bliss; November, Palenque. Dr Z;

1987 Shamanic or sooner - Harner - CIIS, Esalon, Boston, Solo-NYC; 2/6-8/87 Dance of the Deer - Brant Secunda; 12/87 Domain Shift;

1988: 2/19-21/88 Warriors of the Heart; 4/22-24/88 Masquemaking as Medicine Way-Suki Jay/Tom Pinkson; 12/2-4/88 Sex, Love & Intimacy Level 5;


1990: 6/22-24/90 - New Warriors - Chicago; 9/ - Spiritual Warrior; John Gray; Next Step Women & Men- Durango; Shaman`s Circle - Austin; Mendocino Bly Leader`s Conference;


1992: 1/12/92 - Bali; New Warrior Integration Group through 8/94

1993: 4/93 - David Crump's Essential Experience; 6/93 - Reunion - Shaman`s Circle - Mendocino; PSI World (93/94?); 12/18/93 - Canada and Cancun Mexico;

1994: Heart of Courage - model mugging; Mendocino Gathering for Women & Men; 8/20/94 - Back to US - from Canada; 9/94 - 1st Gender Reconciliation Conference, Arlington, VA; New Warrior Integration Group

1995: Tantric Training - Maryse Cote; 1/7/95 - My Family, Myself, San Francisco, CA; 1/20-22/95 - The Mind of Love - Christina & Michael Naumer, Novato, CA; 1/28-29/95 - The Mythos: W&M, Michael Meade, Headlands, CA; 3/12/95 - Asemblage Point Shift, Alive Tribe - Calistoga, CA; 4/30-5/1/95 - Healing Intimate Trauma, Harbin, Middletown, CA; 8/27-9/1/95 - Village of Reconciliation, Meade/Edie Turner, Mendocino, CA; 10/13/95 - Canada;

1996: 7/96 - Men & Masculinity Conference, Lewis & Clark College, Portland; MiVoden, Hadden Lake, ID - Phyllis's Training with John Shiere; 11/8/96 - Equador & Peru;

1997: Healing the Mother Wound, Lourdes Billingsley; 2/97 - - Head Start, Sacramento; 9/27-10/10/97 - Greece & NYC;

1998: Life Mastery, Louis Stoltz, Escondido; W&M, Charlie Kriener, Pacific Grove (or 1999?); 12/98 - Amanae 5-day training;

1999: 4/8-11 & 15-18/99 - Motherwave Lv 1; Tantric Meditation with Baba Ji at Mount Modanna; 4/22-25/99 - Healing the Mother Wound, Shauna Wilson; 5/27-30/99 - Motherwave Lv 2; 7/8-11/99 - 24th Men & Masculinity Conference, Pasadena; 7/16-22/99 - Motherwave Lv 3; 7/23-25/99 - Present "Walking Each Other Home", New Warrior/Woman Within, Indianapolis, IN; Dan Millman-Mt Madonna, CA; Warrior Monk, Glen Ivy, CA: Father Wound workshop, the Hermit card was left behind by the previous group.

2000: Gordon took a sabbatical (an advance) for the year 2000 to prepare for the new millennium. Everything seemed to point in another direction than the one I was going in. What was strange was there were no sign post telling me where I was going or what or who I was to become and what or who I was becoming.

2001: Healing the Mother Wound, Shauna Wilson; Staffed second Inside Circle - Folsom Prison. DJ at Burning Man

2002: 2/16-17 - Woman's Love, Man's Freedom: Two Sexual Paths, One Spiritual Bliss David Dieda's program, Ashland, OR; 3/1-3/02 - The Celebration of the Noble Man, Staffed The Power of Love; Vision Quest, Alburquerce, NM; 11/7/02 - Informed that I have a Health Opportunity - I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer;

2003: 1/12-2/2/03 - Optimum Health Institute, Lemon Grove, CA; 2/7-9/03 - Present "Walking Each Other Home" at the North Coast Educational Conference, Arcadia, CA and at the North Coast Men's Gathering May 30-June 1

Additional workshops Taken

Sex, Love &  Intimacy - 6 levels

Tom Pinkson - W&M at Harbin

Men`s Retreat at Monterey - in the condo at the Santa Cruz theatre Fred Jealous?

Women & Men Together - Santa Cruz

Kriener W&M with Shauna

Holotropic Breath Work - Stan and Christina Grof

Charlie Kriener - Camp Swig

Steven Kessler

Gabrielle Roth - Westerbeke Ranch

Justine Sterling - Men, Sex and Power - Oakland

John Gray - Men are from Mars, Women are from Venius

Gay Hendricks

Sam Osherson on Fathering - Eslen

Fathers & Daughters - Larry Lima, Eslen

Daniel Ellenberg - San Francisco intimacy plus Men's weekend at Harbin

Shadow Work - Harbin, Troy Rampy

Mother Shadow - Joya Jennings

Healing the Mother Wound - Carolyn Baker

Healing the Mother Wound - Lourdes Billingsley

Healing the Mother Wound 2x - Shauna Wilson

Meade for Women & Men on his own - Headlands

Meade/Angeles Arian - Mills College

Michael Meade/Clarisa Pincola Estes - Palance of Fine Arts

Esalon - John/Mary - Women & Men

Inner Abused Child work, Janet Hurley in Aptos, Carmel Valley

Various Domain Shift workshops: Life Stages, Life Stages & Addictions, Bring Your Body Along, Unraveling

Panel for Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women, Los Angeles

Sweat Lodges with Wallace Black Elk, Charlie Tom, Eagle Man, Lorendra.

Vision Quest with Phyllis Clay in Arizona

* Approximate date I believe I took the workshop/training.


Kansas City Star - Chicago office (65-66), Leo Burnett (67-72), Bryan/Donald Advertising (72-76); N. W. Ayer/Pritikin & Gibbons, (76-81); Foote, Cone & Belding-Impact (82-83), Straw Hat/Saga Foods (84/85); Tracy Locke. (85/86). Started MAS Medium 1/1/87 to 12/31/01. Clients included Diet Centers of the Bay Area, Del Monte Foods, and the California Milk Advisory Board. Retired at the end of 2001.

SPEAKER 2013-1981: North Coast Educational Summit, Humbolt State University, Arcata, CA 2/03; Mankind Project '99 conference in Indianapolis and '05 conference in Milwaukee; Senator Maddy's 5th Fresno (CA) Women's Conference; State of California's 14th Conference on Self-Esteem; Harper's Bazaar "GenderSpeak" panel at Today's Woman conference, Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus; "Men in the 90's" Chico State University 3x; Men in Recovery with John James 2x; International Men's Conference in Austin, TX 2x; Keynote at 1st Men's Symposium, Walnut Creek, CA; "What Do Men Really Want" conference; Mid-Coast Psychological Association & Family Services of Santa Cruz and numerous presentations at National Conferences on Men & Masculinity, the California Men's Gatherings and the North Coast Men's Gatherings..

MEDIA APPEARANCES 2013-1982: TELEVISION: Oprah Winfrey, Real Personal-CNBC-TV, Hour Magazine, Rick at Night-San Luis Obispo, People Are Talking-KPIX-TV, AM San Francisco and AM Weekend-KGO-TV, Express-KQED-TV, Studio A-KTVU-TV, Do It, SacraMENshow, Metavisions-Viacom Cable. RADIO: Appearances/guest host of Man-to-Man talk show-KCBS, Let's Talk About It-KSOL, Open Mind-KNBR, Potpourri-KBLX, In A Man's Shoes-Boston, Building Bridges, Lunch Box & Changing Men-KPFA Berkeley & KFCF Fresno. MAGAZINES: Brother, Changes, Focus, Man, Marin Family News, Men's Health, New Republic, New Woman, Quest, San Francisco Image. NEWSPAPERS: Baltimore Sun, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, Marin Independent Journal, Oakland Tribune, Pacific Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, Sober Times, USA Today, Wingspan. BOOKS: Selection in The Best Man MOVIES: "The Color of Fear" and the sequel "Walking Each Other Home".

*     *     *

I think anything like that - which is contemplative, silent, shows a person alone - people always feel sad. Is it because we've lost the art of being alone? - Andrew Wyeth


Contact Information

Snail Mail: P.O. Box 12, Brookings, OR 97415-0001