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The Himit of Wildwood


5/16/04 to present minus 50 lbs

I was the study of a man in chaos in search of frenzy. - Oscar Levant
One does not discover new lands without losing sight of the shore for a very long time. - André Gide

And so, on 01.01.00, life as it was known changed. The himit (vs. hermit) took a year advance to prepare for the start of the new millennium. See "How the Wildwood Himitage Came to Be" for the details. Vitae & Personal Growth Work

The Himit at the beginning of his advance - 01.01.00
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The same Himit at the beginning of the new millennium - 01.01.01

The same Himiit after returning from a day in the default world "your world."

The Himit on 01.01.02

1. The Himit in public, 7/02. 2. The elf. 3. Work sucks.

1. The Holiday Elf, on the European Christmas. The Christian feast of Old St. Nicholas/Sinterklass/Santa Claus - 12/6/02. 2. The Holiday Elf on the New World's Christian Christmas - 12/25/02.

1. The Himit on 01.01.03 (
Sitting) 2. A foggy day at the entrace. 3/8/03

The Himit meditating in The Men's Study to welcome in the new year - 010104

Sketch of the Himit - 12/31/99-5/15/04

Burning Man

The Himit's first Burning Man was 1998 with John Clay's The Lost Penguin Cafe. We cooked up a 1,000 hot dogs for fellow burners. In 1999, we formed another group to build a Maze and I provided music for our E-Lounge. The Himit was in his year-long advance without human contact in 2000 preparing for the coming millenium while the group did an even larger maze. The basic group stayed together for one more year in 2001 to build an even larger maze, some two-stories and 72' x 72'. I continued that year as DJ. In 2002, part of the group wanted to do another maze and part of it wanted to do something simplier, so our group continued to do the Evening Lounge and The Himit built a DJ booth with the intention to keep the alkaline dust out of the equipment which worked pretty well. In 2003 we became the Dream Catchers as The Himit continued to DJ. In 2004, we continued with the Dream Catchers and the DJing. In 2005 there was a three-way split. Our group became Deep Heaven with many playshops and The Himit went to 24/7 music in the Lounge. The elevated Heart became a beacon for so many to find their way home from across the playa and our rotating heart mirror was a favorite. In 2006, Deep Heaven added a kaleidoscope on the playa and the music continued. The Himit also created an art piece on the playa which won first place. 2007 was a big transition year for The Himit. Wanting to spend more time on the playa with less responsibilities, he turned the music over to some very capable hands and created his own Himitage at 7:30 and Jungle. 2008 he returned with The Himitage and took on the responsibility of protecting the environment. He set up a barrier to protect to last living, growing reminants of grass on the Playa. He expects to return in 2009 with The Himitage and hopes to take the corner at 7:00 and somewhere between B and G.

Interested is finding out more about Burning Man. Check out their web site www.BurningMan.com. See a historical review of some of the Books and DVDs about Burning Man.


John of God - Brasil

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Meditation deck. 2. View looking towards the water fall from the meditation deck. 3. A lawnchair in front of the Casa soup kitchen 4. The flower garden. 5. Climbing tree dog at Martin's Posada. 6. Enterior of the community soup kitchen being built in town solely with foriegn gifts. Plus The inside of the same building. Plenty of room plus offices for a visiting doctor and a visiting dentist plus office and supply storage.

 *     *     *

Thoreau became acquainted with the night, with the sorrow of the woods and the melancholy of the snow; he found depths and learned to trust them; he lived alone and liked the company. - Robert Bly


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